Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym AntiCellulite Gel 150ml

Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym

In fact, Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym ,is a powerful and award winning ingredient based on Bermudan marine plankton extract that they obtain  through marine biotechnology. As well, ACTIGYM™ enhances the development of type 1 muscle fibers, which are those that you gain from endurance exercise such as running. Also swimming, cycling and any other type of aerobic metabolic boosting exercise. Moreover, type 1 muscle fibers are also the body’s most effective fat burners and accelerate weight loss.  The gel is also with Cranberry Extract of Organic Origin, rich in tannins, vitamin C and AHA, well known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping the skin to maintain it`s toned look

However, Slim No Gym mimics the effect of endurance exercise training to improve body tone. It redefines the silhouette by reducing abdomen perimeter, thighs contour and arm sagginess.

So, how to use Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym ?

Apply this gel 2 ties per day.

Warnings Of Usage:

Do not apply on face. Wash your hands after use. And also contact your dermatologist in case you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Ingredients of this product are:

Actigym is an active biotechnological ingredient that mimics the effect of endurance training, providing as well impressive results: it decreases the abdominal perimeter, contour of thighs and perimeter of arms. In addition, it induces body weight loss and improves the appearance and tone of body silhouette.

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