Super Defense Filter

Clenare Super Defense Filter

In fact, Clenare Super Defense Filter, is a Small Device that sits Discreetly into the nostrils and passes Clean Filtered Air directly to them. Besides, it’s so Soft that it’s presence is hard to feel when worn and it’s Transparent Body makes it difficult to spot with the Naked Eye. As well, Discreet Nasal Filter Body. Free Replacement Filter Pre-loaded into the Body for use. Additional Replacement Filters – 3 Pairs. Pocket Friendly Carrying Case.


  • Pack of 5 contains 5 Pairs, which we estimate will keep you protected up to 2 Months.
  • And, Pack of 20 contains 20 Pairs, which we estimate will keep you protected up to 6 Months.

The filters are Easy to Replace. Within minutes, you’ll be wearing a Fresh Pair and Breathing Easy Again.

Benefits of this product are:

  • In fact it can trap almost all suspended particles in the Air passing through them.
  • In addition, they protect us from Major Air Pollutants like PM 2.5, PM 10, Industrial and Vehicle Exhausts, Pollen, Germs, Dander, Mold, Bacteria & Viruses.
  • Also, Made from soft medical grade plastic, it is BPA & Phthalate-free.
  • Especially suitable for Dust, Allergies, Bacteria & Airborne Viruses because of which Kids and Adults catch infections frequently.

Features of Clenare Super Defense Filter:

  • As well, Invisible Design.
  • Moreover, Special Soft Material Especially Designed for Nasal Passage.
  • Additionally, Flexible Natural Shape for Best Seal and Comfort Fit.
  • Supplied even with a Carrying Case and Tweezers to dismantle the filter.
  • One Year Free of Cost Replacement Guarantee Against Any Defect or Size Fitting Issues.

Until Now the only way to Protect Ourselves from Viruses, Allergens & Air Pollution was to buy Hefty Expensive Air Purifiers or put on Bulky Face Masks. Not Any More! Clenare Nasal Filter  Complimentary Tweezers for Disassembly and Cleaning. Precise Instruction Manual Sheet. Easy to Use Assembly Disassembly Drawings.

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