Window Water Repellent Spray 200ml

Clever Clean Window Spray

In fact, Clever Clean Window Spray is one of the most time-consuming and expensive operations of general cleaning in placement, office, institution. As well, this product is environmentally friendly. It can also reduce the consumption of chemicals in 100 times. However,  it is important for keeping a healthy home environment and is of course very valuable for professional use.

So, how to use Clever Clean Window Spray ?

The products are a composition of a mixture of liquid polymers with incorporated nano-dispersed metal oxides.  As well, they form an optically transparent hydrophobic protective layer on the surface that prevents glass contamination. Yet, the need to clean windows arises much less often or becomes needless.

In addition, dirt and dust are less to appear on surface that you protect than on glass that you don’t treat. So, raindrops, when impinge on the glass, roll off the surface, easily carrying away dirt. Making the glass surface the clean.

Ingredients of this product are:

Products for window formulation contains nano-dispersed titanium dioxide, which is a well, sunlight exposure activates it. And also, the liquid polymer present in the formulation of window cleaning products fills glass microcracks, visually removes defects and improves its optical properties.

Products for the window are suitable for external treatment the glass surfaces most prone to dirtying.  However, treatment surfaces of internal or between window frames with insufficient ventilation and high air humidity will lead to fogging of hydrophobic glass.

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