Kitchen Water Repellent Solution 100g

Kitchen Sanitary Solution

In fact, Kitchen Sanitary Solution, belongs to products for high-quality kitchen cleaning are easy to apply, polish and environmentally friendly. As well, the products do not dissolve, do not decompose dirt on surfaces but form hydrophobic, grease and dirt-repellent protective layer.

Benefits of this product are:

  1. The products that you apply to kitchen surfaces give them hydrophobic, dirt and grease repellent properties. However, dirt is poorly adhered to protected surfaces. Yet it removes it easily with a wet cloth without the use of scrapers and strong detergents.
  2. Additionally, they form a non-stick coating on surfaces stable to a temperature up to 270 °C on hobs, ovens and hoods, internal and external surfaces of microwave ovens, grills, etc.
  3. Moreover, kitchen products prevent direct contact of moisture with metal surfaces and prevent corrosion.
  4. The products are not suitable for cookware.

Ingredients of this product are:

In fact, Kitchen protective compositions contain a mixture of liquid polymers with an included composition of nano-dispersed particles. Besides, this formulation forms a protective layer that repels dirt and grease. The polymer forms as well a temperature resistant layer. It can keep heating up to 270 C. This determines the non-stick properties of the protective coating.

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