Repairing Hand Cream 100ml

Repairing Hand Cream

In fact, Repairing Hand Cream is rich with 100% natural ingredients deriving from eco-friendly and gentle extraction methods that preserve their actives. As well, it helps the skin to restore and maintain its natural hydration balance. While indeed Macadamia oil nourishes the skin helping it to regain its healthy appearance. Beside, due to its easy absorption it softens quickly very dry skin restoring its lost elasticity and comfort.

Features of this product are:

  • Skin issues: dryness;
  • Time of application: whenever necessary;
  • Age: 16+;
  • Skin type: dry and very dry skin;
  • Main benefits: recovers and nourishes very dry skin, prevents future dryness through a long-lasting nourishing feeling, leaves the skin soft and supple.

So, how to use Repairing Hand Cream?

Apply this cream as part of your daily caring routine or anytime you need an extra boost of nourishment and protection.  Also, apply an appropriate amount to your hands and massage until skin completely absorbs it.

Ingredients of this product are:

  • Macadamia Oil has emollient properties and powerful nourishing benefits. Furthermore, it equally prevents premature aging.
  • Also, 15% Glycerine is an intensive moisturizing ingredient that absorbs and retains water leaving, as result, a nourishing feeling.
  • Additionally, honey Extract works as a natural moisturizer helping to keep the skin’s natural hydration balance. Moreover, this component is rich in vitamins and minerals and has restorative properties, as well.
  • And also, NUTRIMOIST 48H is an advanced active system that not only supplies instant optimal moisture levels but also ensures that that nourishing feeling lasts for hours long.
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