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3M™ 1426 Earmuff


3M economy ear muff 1426 is an economical, lightweight headband earmuff that provides an effective protection for everyday use in environments where noise exposures do not exceed 110dB(A) L.

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3M™ 1426 Earmuff

In fact, 3M™ 1426 Earmuff provides mid level attenuation and basic hearing protection in over-the-head, behind-the-neck, or under-the-chin positions. As well, these passive ear muffs, available in headband version only. They are also suitable to provide excellent attenuation that helps meet the needs of majority of industrial applications. In addition, these 3M earmuffs are fully adjustable to fit your head size/shape and sit comfortably on you head.

Benefits Of This Product are:

  • As well, ergonomic and adjustable headband useful to fit a variety of head sizes.
  • In addition, soft wide cushions helps reduce pressure around the ears and improves comfort and wearability.
  • And, dielectric – no metal parts.
  • Also, central pivot point connecting headband to cups for ease of adjustment.
  • However, no direct air leaks into the ear cup for higher attenuation.
  • It is even easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • And class 5 SLC₈₀ 27dB: Performance Tested to AS/NZS 1270.
  • Package Contents: 1/pack.

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