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Bedpan ProKit


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Bedpan ProKit

In fact, Bedpan ProKit, a complete system to manage body fluids in your institution, whether you need to isolate or standardize. Absorbs 700 ml within 30 seconds. Moreover, it also allows caregivers to adopt the best practice to reduce the number of steps necessary to handle the bedpan. Which in the end helps also reduce odors and the risk of splashing or spreading harmful bacteria.

In addition, it is the perfect solution for containing body waste and also promoting safe and reliable healthcare practices. However, the super-absorbent pad in each cover is suitable to solidify 700 ml or more of body fluids within a few of seconds. Besides, bedpan prokit cuts down the time spent in managing body waste as well as in cleaning and disinfecting soiled surfaces.

Features Of this product are: 

  • For any persons requiring a bedpan.
  • As well, 20 bedpan supports, 2 extenders for overweight patients and 200 hygienic covers with super-absorbent pad.
  • Absorbs also 700ml and more of body fluids.
  • Replaces even regular and orthopedic bedpans.
  • Moreover, easy manipulation.
  • Stackable to optimize storage.
  • Limits HAIs.
  • And also increases patient and nurse satisfaction.
  • Its support is entirely from of durable and recyclable polypropylene plastic. The hygienic covers are made from recycled materials.

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