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Detox Night Cream

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Bioten detox night cream contains 100% natural active charcoal extract that traps dirt and pollutants as a magnet, purifying the skin and restoring its natural glow.

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Detox Night Cream

In fact, Detox Night Cream, with 80% ingredients of natural origin is your ally to detox, rejuvenate and illuminate your skin.

However, POLLU-BLOCK complex provides antioxidant, antipollution, anti-ageing and anti-fatigue. Besides, Active charcoal extract acts like a magnet, helping to trap pollutants and dirt to ensure a clean and fresh skin feeling. Moreover, POLLU-BLOCK, an innovative award-winning complex, acts on multiple levels to revive our skin’s energy. As well, its innovative formula offers multiple benefits:
•First, antioxidant & Antipollution: prevents cells’ oxidative stress, restores skin’s luminosity and acts like a shield from pollutants.
•Second, anti-ageing: prevents wrinkles’ formation, helps reduce existing lines.
•And also anti-fatigue: it activates skin’s ‘anti-stress’ proteins & stimulates endorphins production.
Moreover, SPF15, Infrared and Visible light (UVB+UVA+ IR+VL#) protection system is included in our formula to assure protection form harmful sun radiation.

So, how to use Detox Night Cream ?

Apply every night on a clean face and neck.

Warnings Of Usage:

Contact your dermatologist in case of any unwanted sides effects or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Ingredients of this product are:

  • First, Pollu-Block is an innovative award-winning complex that indeed acts on multiple levels to revive our skin’s energy. It has also won “the innovative zone best ingredient” award in Cosmetics worldwide exhibition and BSB.
  •  Second, the health benefits of prebiotics on our skin have become increasingly popular in recent years. More specifically, prebiotics manage to keep the pH of the skin balanced and strengthen the skin’s defense against environmental factors. They help the skin stay hydrated and control the factors that affect skin sensitivity.

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