Elizabeth Baby Doll

Elizabeth Baby Doll

In fact, making this baby girl doll even more lifelike, Elizabeth Baby Doll, has a weight and poseable to feel so real in your arms! However, this darling 18 inch baby doll that they crafted it by hands  of RealTouch® vinyl to recreate every hand-sculpted detail and the softness of baby skin. In addition, they painted it by hand to highlight her precious features that bring her personality to life. So, from her wispy strawberry-blonde hair to her delicate lashes and rosy cheeks, this So Truly Real® doll is sure to melt your heart the minute you hold her in your arms. Plus, she wears a soft pink and green footed sleeper embellished with flower appliques and a matching pink hair bow.

However, these amazingly lifelike silicone dolls are handcrafted of the exclusive TrueTouch® authentic silicone, which lends a sense of “giving” with each loving squeeze. Besides, these baby dolls that they craft by hands of soft, RealTouch® vinyl also capture the sweet details that are sure to melt hearts. From their adorable little faces to the tiny wrinkles in their fingers and toes. So, each precious bundle of joy would make a great addition to your doll collection, and are with the perfect size and weight to feel so lifelike when you cradle them in your arms.

Features Of this doll are:

  • As well, sweetly sculpted and handcrafted of soft RealTouch® vinyl skin with wispy strawberry-blonde hair, delicate lashes and rosy cheeks.
  • In addition, skillfully hand-painted to highlight her precious features.
  • This doll is not a toy, but indeed a fine collectible to make adult collectors enjoy.


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