Flashlight Car LED Magnetic Powerbank

Flashlight car LED magnetic power bank. Torch lamp LED waterproof. Multi functional magnetic torch light. It is Waterproof and has a power bank. It is suitable for cars and for office. LED light suitable for emergencies, hiking and hunting. It is mini sized, light weight, easily can be taken on traveling. Also it illuminates a large area. Besides, ideal for tents, garages and garden. Additionally, even on low light intensity you are able to see the tent at night. Perfect for family and friends in outdoor activities such as: hiking, camping and fishing.  Waterproof grade: IP64. Luminous: Surface 200Im. Flashlight: 300Im. Battery: 3.7V 4000mAh. Wattage: Surface 2W, Flashlight 300Im. Size: 62*49*349MM. Weight: 358g.  Flashlight car LED magnetic. 

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