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Moisturizing Cream


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Grape oil helps to suppress the aging process of the skin – it rejuvenates and nourishes it. Aloe vera gel contains many vitamins, including A, C, E, folic acid, choline, niacin and others from the B group. It is also rich in a wide range of minerals. The rich formula determines its precious caring properties, such as the ability to synthesize collagen and elastin, moisturizing, lubricating and smoothing. Hyaluronic acid has strong hygroscopic properties (the ability to bind water molecules), and allows you to effectively moisturize the skin and prevent water evaporation from its surface.

GRACJA BIO MOISTURIZING CREAM is a vegan cream ,very potent in hydrating the skin, minimizing wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming. Protects the skin against negative environmental influences.

/DAY/NIGHT/ cream developed for the skin that needs additional moisturizing. Well moisturized skin is firm and resilient.


1-Apply the cream onto the cleansed face, neck, and neckline skin.

2-Masssage gently

3-Use in the morning and evening.


For all skin types, including for sensitive skin, especially for people exposed to long lasting negative environmental factors(stress, UV radiation, environmental pollution).


Grape seed oil, Aloe vera gel, Hyaluronic acid.


Smooth and moisturized skin.



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