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Smoothing Mask


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GRACJA BIO Smoothing MASK 50ml:

1-Gray, sallow complexion without radiance? Forget it!

2-Gracja BIO smoothing mask with light, silky texture combines 2 clayswith papaya extract, thanks to which it instantly improves appearance.

3-Eliminates excess sebum and impurities.d condition of the skin.

4-It frees skin of toxins, restoring its natural glow.

5-It works great on dilated capillaries, smoothes and improves elasticity.

6-When used regularly, it provides kin with radiant appearance.

7-Recommended for combination, sensitive skin, including couperose.

Active ingredients:

1-High silicate kaolin clay that perfectly absorbs impurities and excess sebum.

2-Red clay restores skin’s natural balance, prevents dilation of blood vessels, shrinks and seals them.

2-It has particularly gentle cleansing and pores narrowing effect.

3-Provides matting effect.

4-Papaya extract is rich in vitamins E and C.

5-It contains enzyme

6-that combines benefits of papain’s gently exfoliating, cleansingand lightening action with the nourishing, moisturizing and firming effect

of sugars, vitamins and minerals.

Directions for use:

1-1-2  times a week or as needed .

2-Apply a thin coat onto the cleansed facial skin,avoiding eye area.

3-Leave for approx.

4-15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water or remove with a damp tissue.

effects of GRACJA BIO Smoothing MASK 50ml:

1- Smooth

2-Radiant skin

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