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Evening Primrose Semi-Rich Cream


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Gracja Evening Primrose Semi-Rich Cream 50ml:

Gracja Semi-Rich cream contains biologically active evening primrose oil, which strengthens lipid barrier of the skin, and thus protects it against infections, inhibiting development of allergies and reducing inflammation. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) contained in oil are important building block of the skin – they nourish, oxygenate and inhibit aging process. Additionally, they revitalize skin and protect it against negative environmental factors (such as wind, frost, sun).

Calcium included in the cream increases its effectiveness, strengthening and smoothing skin. Regular use of the cream restores freshness, firms, nourishes and moisturizes.


 strengthening and improving elasticity,  reduction of wrinkles,

hydration and firming, radiant and fresh complexion;

Active ingredients:

Evening Primrose OIl: among all known vegetable oils, it is one of the most valuable cosmetic oils with the highest content of biologically active EFAs. It has positive effect on structure of the epithelium and connective tissue, supporting circulation and proper metabolism, thanks to which skin regains its healthy appearance. It has antioxidant

and anti-radical properties, preventing accelerated skin aging under influence of UV radiation.

Calcium: particles penetrating deep into skin renew cell cohesion, strengthen and rebuild epidermis. Skin becomes denser, firm and elastic, and strengthened tissues regain their supportive properties.

Plant ceramides:  constitute intercellular ‘cement’ of the skin, i.e. 

water-lipid barrier, protecting it against water loss on the one hand, and against harmful external influences on the other.

They restore skin’s tension and elasticity.

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