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Serum Makeup Base


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Joko Anti-Pollution serum  Makeup Base (20ml):

Moisturizing, nutrient-rich multifunctional Primer with a light, velvety texture, designed for daily use. Thanks to the rich recipe, it protects against impurities, moisturizes and prevents skin aging. It is almost imperceptible on the face, leaves a feeling of freshness and smoothness on it. Primer can be used as a foundation and powder base, making makeup look fresh and last longer, or as a night treatment to improve the condition of the skin.

-Primer use not only blurs your pores and smoothens your skin, but also helps decrease the production of oils throughout the day .
– The use of primer for face makeup also brightens your skin and refines its texture, this helps in achieving a smooth makeup application.
Innovative formula:
1-Astaxanthin, seaweed extract, is the strongest known antioxidant.
2-It protects the skin against free radicals, reduces wrinkles and brightens freckles.
 3-Iricalmin contains wheat germ extract, yeast extract and sodium hyaluronate.
4-Soothes the skin irritated by UV radiation, the skin is moisturized and elastic.
The primer may be used as a base for foundation and powder, thus extends their durability. It may also be used as a night treatment to improve the condition of the skin.
Is primer good or bad for skin?
Ingredients of Joko Anti-Pollution Serum:
Aqua,diisopropyladipate,glycerin,cetylalcohol,cetylphosphate,caprylylglycol,magnesiumaluminumsilicate,arginine,phenoxyethanol,panthenol,xanthangum,parfum,allantoin,hexyleneglycol,sodiumhydroxide,disodiumcocoamphodiacetate,pvp,saccharomycescerevisiaeextract,sodiumhyaluronate,triticumvulgaregermextract,pantolactone, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium metabisulfite





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