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Light Head LED Mechanical Switch

SKU : JH-Y-H02

This ultra bright headlamp emits a powerful glow that illuminates your path, wherever you are, hands-free. Also, portable and small, this lightweight headlamp is convenient to pack so you can take it camping, fishing and hiking.

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Longitudinal symmetry design makes different wearing direction undifferentiated. Right or left-handed users appreciate the double-switch design.  Light source: 3535 3W 6000K; 3030 1W 6000K; 3030 green 0.5 W. Also, switch : Double mechanical switch. Light head LED mechanical. Additionally, charging port: MICRO USB B/M. Input voltage: 4.75V – 5.25V. Charging Current: 600-750mA. Besides, battery: 18500, 1400mAH 3.7V. Waterproof: IP65. Weight: 72g ( not including headband). Packing: Light, Color box, Carton, Manual, MICRO USB Cable. Also, dimming Levels: White light ( 1st level) (low beam 0.1W) – 2nd level ( low beam 0.4 W) – 3rd level ( high beam 1.6W) – (4th level) normal green light ( double click) ( 0.4 W) – 5th level flash – turn off ( long press). Light head LED mechanical.



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