Mermaid Swimwear Blue-Pink

In fact, Mermaid Swimwear Blue-Pink for girls includes : a bikini top, bottom and a mermaid tail. As well, this outfit is very comfortable, elastic and dries fast. However, the tail has zipper on the side of the tail or buttons on the tail, so it is walkable and easy to put in and out the monofin. Besides, it will be great for mermaid party supplies, beach holiday. Also, pool party, swimming, cosplay, shooting, family.

In addition, this swimming  outfit is made from polyester and spandex materials that you should wash it by hand only in cold water. Moreover, its material is very stretchy and breathable. And also, its color doesn’t fade.  However, less friction should be kept between the fabric and the ground to extend the quality time of the fabric. Also, you can add Monofin, but there is no monofin included. However, the design of mermaid tail is to be snug to follow the concept of real mermaid.

Additionally,  available sizes are: for age(4-12 years), size (110)suitable for 110 cm height, (120) for 120 cm height,  (130) for 130 cm height, (140) for 140 cm height, (150) for 150 cm height.

Kids for swimming use under adult supervision. Please protect the mermaid tail, and even minimize its friction with the sharp ground.
Also, both gently hand wash are necessary and hang to dry. Rinsing after use in cold water, squeezing excess water out gently.