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Multi-Collagen Antiwrinkle Face Serum

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Multi-Collagen line, enhanced with the award winning antiageing active collagen restorer, activates 3 types of skin’s own collagen offering impressive wrinkle filling results.

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Multi-Collagen Antiwrinkle Face Serum

In fact, the synthesis of Multi-Collagen Antiwrinkle Face Serum includes:

  1. collagen restorer: an award winning powerful antiwrinkle peptide that stimulates 6 skin-rebuilding essentials: 3 types of Collagen (types I, III, IV), essential skin supporting fibers and hyaluronic acid.  Also, Collagen Restorer is the winner of ’25 years of innovation award’ at world wide in-cosmetics exhibition
    2. active natural collagen of marine plants origin.
    3. Additionally, hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight.

Ingredients of this product are:

First, on face care products, a combination of different Hyaluronic Acids which present in our formula:

  • Ultra Filling Spheres: A unique combination of  Amorphophallus konjac rich in Glucomannan.  However, Konjac is a flower that is  native to warm subtropical to tropical eastern Asia. From Japan and China south to Indonesia.  Also, can absorb water up to 200 times its weight.
  • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, that they produce through Biothechnology combined by: OPTIM HYAL which they obtain it  by biofermentation and contains Glycokines™. Also oligosaccharides of acetylated glucuronic acids having as well a similar structure to hyaluronic acid fragments.
  • Hyactive (Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic acid): The famous glycosaminoglycan is a natural component found in the whole body with high moisturizing and remodeling properties. They in fact produce it by biotechnology, respecting all natural processes. So, they apply High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, as a connective tissue organizer. And hydrating substance on the basis of its status as the most hydrated polymer known.

Second, COLLAGEN RESTORER an award winning powerful antiwrinkle peptide stimulates 6 skin-rebuilding essentials:

  • 3 types of skin’s own Collagen (types I, III, IV)
  • Essential skin supporting fibers and

As a result wrinkles are filled in from the inside for visibly smoother and also plumper skin that feels significantly firmer and more elastic.

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