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Disposable Respirator


3M aura health care respirator. 3M cool flow valve provides an effective removal of heat build up. It is a cooler and more comfortable wear, removes exhaled air and minimizes the risk of steaming eyewear.

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Respirator Disposable

In fact, Respirator Disposable, the 3M™ Aura™ Health Care Particulate Respirators 1872V+ and 1873V+ provide effective respiratory protection for use in medical environments where
health care workers will be exposed to airborne dust particles.

Benefits of this product are:

  • First, it is foldable, proprietary 3-panel design allows for greater facial movement and wearer comfort and easy storage when not in use.
  • In addition, low breathing resistance filter technology gives as well, effective filtration with low breathing resistance for consistent high quality performance.
  • Moreover, sculpted nose panel helps conform to the nose and contours of the face and helps to improve compatibility with 3M eyewear
  • Innovative chin tab designed for ease of positioning, donning and adjustment.
  • Individual hygienic packaging protects the respirator from contamination before use.
  • Large, soft nose foam is comfortable on the skin.
  • Besides, it has an effective removal of heat and moisture build up provides a cooler and more comfortable wear.
  • Hygienic packaging protects the respirator from contamination before use.
  • Compatible with 3M Eyewear.

So, how to use Respirator Disposable?

1. With reverse side up, separate top and bottom panels to form a cup shape.
2. Ensure then both panels are fully unfolded.
3. As well, cup respirator in one hand with open side towards face. Take both straps in other hand. Hold then respirator under chin, with nosepiece up, and pull straps over headst4. Next, locate the upper strap across the crown of the head and the lower strap below the ears. Yet you must not twist straps. Next,  adjust top and bottom panels for a comfortable fit, ensuring panels are not folded in.
5. Using both hands, mold nose clip to the shape of the lower part of the nose to ensure a close fit and good seal.  Moreover, pinching the nose clip using only one hand may result in less effective respirator performance.
6. Finally,  you have to check the seal of the respirator on the face  before entering the workplace.

Warnings Of Usage:

First always be sure that the complete product is:
– Suitable for the application;
– You always fit it correctly;
– You have also to wear it during all periods of exposure;
– And most important is to replace it when necessary.

Yet, do not use with beards or other facial hair that may inhibit contact between the face and the product thus preventing a good seal.

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