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Skin Lift Night Cream

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Bioten skin lift night cream is enriched with 100% natural pearl, an ingredient rich in fortifying oligo-elements, that highly re-energize the skin, establishing its moisture balance. Ideal lift, rich in lipopeptides,  stimulates elastin synthesis, promotes increased skin elasticity and helps prevent skin sagging.

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Skin Lift Night Cream

In fact, Skin Lift Night Cream, is rich with: 100% natural Pearl, an ingredient rich in fortifying oligo-elements that highly re-energize the skin, establishing its moisture balance.
In addition, IDEALIFTTM containing lipo-peptides, stimulates elastin synthesis, promotes also increased skin elasticity and helps prevent skin sagging.

Besides, enhancement of the action of the ingredients happens during the night while your skin activates its own regeneration process.

So, how to use Skin Lift Night Cream?

Apply every night on a clean face and neck. Then, massage gently with circular movements to help the cream’s better absorption.

Warnings Of Usage:

Directly consult your dermatologist if your are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Ingredients of this product are:

  • First, Idealift is a lipo-peptide that stimulates concerted and coordinated synthesis of the principal constituents of elastic fibers. However, in order to combat the reducing in elasticity in relation to ageing or the cumulative daily external aggressions which contribute to the sagging of the skin.
  • Second, Pearl Extract is a natural marine with origin complex on a sea mineral water basis, rich in oligo-elements. As well, they can use it as a natural marine mineral supply. Yet, traditional Chinese medicine believe Pearl Powder can nourish the skin and slow down aging processes by improving the metabolism. Supporting also hydration and protecting against environmental damage effects. Moreover, it contains calcium, which is important for its water holding capacity, magnesium. Which indeed protects the skin and enhances the cell membrane function, natrium which assures the water balance of skin cells. Beyond all these, in the Pearl Powder there can be found Cl, K, Fe, Zn, all of them being important elements for a healthy skin.

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