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Skin Moisture Face Cream Dry/Sensitive Skin

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Skin moisture face cream for dry/sensitive skin, contains 100% natural Saffron extract and is enhanced with Prebiotics. Through a satin gel-cream texture it hydrates your skin for up to 24 hours providing comfort and a velvet skin feeling.

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Skin Moisture Face Cream

In fact, Skin Moisture Face Cream, moisturizing satin feel gel cream with 93% ingredients of natural origin, offers your skin an effective, long lasting hydration, leaving it smooth and silky soft. Additionally, its innovative gel cream formula, which feels like a water touch on your skin, contains 100% natural Saffron. That indeed helps protect sensitive skin while offering a smooth and supple appearance. However, prebiotics contained, help the skin’s flora retain a balance, promoting its healthy appearance. HYDRO NUTRIENT 24H offers immediate moisturizing prolonging skin’s hydration up to 24 hours*.

So, how to use Skin Moisture Face Cream?

Apply every day and night on cleansed face and neck.

Warnings Of Usage:

Contact your dermatologist in case of any unwanted sides effects or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Ingredients of this product are:

  • First, HYDRO NUTRIENT 24H is an advanced moisturizing complex that combines the purity of natural ingredients. With the power of science to offer your skin immediate moisturizing and prolonged skin hydration up to 24H. Besides, it provides a skin friendly care, boosting the hydration process at its source thanks to natural moisturizers (fruit & plant sugars). As well as Natural Moisturizing Factors which are naturally synthesized and located within the skin (Hyaluronic acid). Moreover, it restores moisture to the skin’s layers, prevents loss of water and increases skin own capacity to retain water providing suppleness to the skin.
  •  Second, the health benefits of prebiotics on our skin have become increasingly popular in recent years. More specifically, prebiotics manage to keep the pH of the skin balanced and strengthen the skin’s defense against environmental factors. They help the skin stay hydrated and control the factors that affect skin sensitivity.
  • And also, additionally to having a unique color and flavor, saffron is rich in vitamins, like vitamin A, folic acid and vitamin C. Also, nutrients and antioxidants, all crucial elements for optimum health and very beneficial for the skin. It is as well, anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin, it helps in skin’s protection and improves its texture by making it softer and smoother. It is rich in manganese. Which even regulates blood sugar and as a result it gives you a fresh and glowing skin and is also known to be a good moisturizer.

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