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Skin Repair Day Cream

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Bioten has developed skin repair 45+ face care line, an advanced antiwrinkle and firming face care system, especially developed to treat mature skin, based on deep knowledge of nature’s power and clinical expertise.

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Skin Repair Day Cream

In fact, Skin Repair Day Cream, is rich with: 100% natural Caviar extract that highly concentrates valuable minerals, amino-acids and peptides. And thus stimulates skin’s collagen synthesis, helping to reduce the wrinkles for a younger looking skin.
In addition, Ceramides present are a natural skin component, which corrects and repairs the protective lipid layer, helping the skin to regain its elasticity and firmness. Moreover, SPF15 UV filters effectively protect skin from sun radiation, retarding wrinkle formation. While also helping prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots.

So, how to use Skin Repair Day Cream ?

As well, apply daily on cleansed face and neck with circular moves, avoiding the eye area.

In addition, it is dermatologically Tested/ Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients of this product are:

  • First, Caviar, they also name it “black gold” is synonym with luxury and prosperity. However, they use the name “caviar” for the salted roe (eggs) of certain species of fish, most notably sturgeon. In fact, they consider the nutritive ingredients in Caviar Complex as luxury pearls for skin vitality. Besides, rich in ingredients such as amino acids and peptides, mineral and trace elements, Complex Caviar is more than just caviar extract, since it offers the synergy of 3 marine components for intense skin nutrition. Moreover, you can find complex caviar in anti-aging skin products and in nutritive face and body products.
  • Second, the composition of Ceramides are of an innovative association of active ingredients, with action on mature skin problems. Yet, in order to imitate the skin structure, Ceramides, lipidic molecules, were in association with a new vegetal based cholesterol and with behenic acid, a fatty acid, with role in hydrating the skin. Also, to all these there is an addition of Sphingosines, which have role in activating skin natural hydrating system.


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