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SOS Hand Cream


Bioten SOS moisturizing hand cream relieves chapped hands. Its formula is enriched with 100% natural ingredients.

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SOS Hand Cream

In fact, SOS Hand Cream is rich with 100% natural Argan oil, that protects your skin and with 5% UREA that intensively rehydrates very dry skin leaving a comfortable feeling. However, NUTRIMOIST 48H, an advanced moisturizing complex, offers immediate moisturizing and prolongs skin hydration up to 48H. In addition, with its 83% Ingredients of Natural Origin relieves immediately chapped hands thanks to its formula enriched with 100% natural ingredients.

So, how to use SOS Hand Cream?

Apply this cream as much as you need.

Warnings Of Usage:

Do not apply on face. Wash your hands after use. And also contact your dermatologist in case you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Ingredients of this product are:

  • First, Argan oil is created by extracting the natural oils from Argan tree nuts. However, this oil can make the skin look softer while limiting the appearance of stretch marks, under eye circles, burns and wrinkles.  As well and damage from smoking, pollution or harsh sunlight. It can also help to regulate sebum so the skin will not look greasy and manage the body’s pH so the skin will be less likely to become irritated.
  • Second, apart from natural deriving moisturizers NUTRIMOIST 48H contains Hyaluronic acid a (non animal derivative) substance that is naturally present in the skin and is famous for its extremely high water binding capacity.
  • And also Urea is an interesting humectant, that they use within all sorts of formulas within the cosmetic industry. In fact, its role within the stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin), is to maintain a healthy moisture balance, keeping the skin soft and supple. Urea is a substance that readily absorbs water and it also has a very high water content. Which in fact helps to reduce the amount of water lost through the skin. Additionally one of urea’s many benefits, is that it helps to accelerate the skins cellular renewal process.

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