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Sweet Baby Liam Baby Doll

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The layers of baby chubbiness on his little arms, legs and his wrinkled feet are all made possible because he is entirely crafted of RealTouch® vinyl from head to toe.

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Sweet Baby Liam

In fact, Sweet Baby Liam Doll is not a toy, but a fine collectible that adult collectors will enjoy.  As well, created by acclaimed artist Linda Murray, the Perfect In Every Way Baby Doll Collection by The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Which is as well,  the first-ever collection of lifelike baby dolls, that they craft by hand, the bodies of baby-soft RealTouch® vinyl to capture a level of realism you have to see and feel to believe.  However, this baby doll is a 20 lifelike baby doll that the award-winning doll artist Linda Murray created, who is also famous for her incredibly lifelike dolls.

In addition, the layers of baby chubbiness on his little arms and legs. Also, his wrinkled feet and even his darling little belly button are all made possible because he is entirely crafted of RealTouch® vinyl from head to toe – all 20 inches of him!

Features Of this doll are:

  • From their chubby arms and legs down to their itty-bitty belly buttons, each darling baby doll in this collection features a unique body design. That is indeed with RealTouch® vinyl with a cloth body underneath the vinyl that they craft by hands.  Allowing also for natural movement when you pick it up in your arms and a much greater flexibility in posing.
  • In addition, their long eyelashes and wisps of fine hair that they meticulously apply it by hands for more realism. And they also painted by hands each baby’s delicate features.
  • Plus, their cuddly costuming shows off every delightful detail!
  • Measures approximately 20 (50.8 cm) long. Note: This doll is not a toy.
  •  Recommended for 14 years and up.

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