TANITA Vegan Depilation Cream 3in1 Charcoal 150ml

Tanita vegan depilation cream 3in1 charcoal :

Quick and painlesss and easy depilation of even short hair.  Moisturized , resilient and soft to the touch

How to apply :

-This skin should be cleanand dry,without any irritation or traces of other products

Cream, oils, etc usinga spatula, spread a layer of cream over the skin covering the hair completely.

-How long for leave the cream to act:

-The time  required for the cream to take effect depends on the type skin and hair.

-Leave  to act 3minutes and then test a small area by removing the cream with a spatula. if the hair does not come away easily, leave the product to act for a littile longer and then test agian.


If a tingling or bumming  sensation occurs during the application.

Remove the product immediately and wash thoroughly with water.

how to remove the cream when the comes easily :

Remove the rest of the cream  with a spatula, rinse with plenty of warm water and dry the skin gently.

Caution for Tanita vegan depilation cream:

-Follow the instructions and read the percaution, before each application.

-Always check your skin’s reaction  by applying the cream to a small part of the area to be treated follow the instructions.If after 24 hours there is no adeverse reaction , you can continue with the application .

-This product is sutable for hair removal on the legs , arms, armipits and bikini  area.

-Do not apply onto the head  face , eye area , nose , ears , intimate area  , dont apply to wounds , spot or cracked  irritated or brunt skin  or to skin  which has previously had an adverse reaction to hair removal,

-Always wait 72 hours between application.

contains thioglycolate, contains alkali

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