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Vegan Body Depilation Wax Roll On


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Tanita vegan natural body depilation wax roll on :

Quick and easy hot wax depilation, even for short hair .Long-lasting smoothest up to 4 weeks. thanks to the formula based on ylang ylang oil and orange essential oil, it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft. Suitable for all skin types.

How to use: Microwave oven :

1: Remove the cap and heat the bottle in a microwave oven.

2: According to the time indicated below and the power of your microwave oven.

3:Dont heat  with the roll -on applicator head on.


Heating time :

-microwave oven power 800w-full jar – 20 sec ,  1/2 jar – 10sec ,   1/4 jar – 5 sec  ,reheat – 3sec.

How to apply tanita vegan :

1-Apply warm wax onto the clean dry skin, free from irritation  and any residue of other products .

2 : Remove the bottle from the microwave oven by holding it upright without tilting it .

3:Put on the cap.

5: Apply the wax with the roll -on applicator in the direction of hair growth.

6: place the strip on your skin.

7: Rub serval time in the direction of hair growth to ensure good adhesion.

Stretch the skin .

-If the wax is not liquid , heat for an additional 5 seconds .

-Hold the end of the strip and pull it back as quickly as possible, in the direction against hair growth.
keep away of reach of children.

Warning of Tanita vegan natural body depilation wax roll on 120ml :

1: overheated wax may cause burns.

2: moisten the area with cold water and remove the wax with warm water (do not use strips).

3: get immediate medical assistance and show the package.

Ingredients of  Tanita vegan natural body depilation wax roll on 120ml :



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