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Textile Water Repellent Spray


Nanoformula hydrophobic water spray for water repelling a fabric. Hydrophobic water based spray CleverCOAT for textile. It is designed for safe water repelling interior against moisture and dirt. This product is similar as usual water. It does not contain hazardous components, without smell, no toxic.

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CleverCOAT Textile Spray

In fact, CleverCOAT Textile Spray, is water hydrophobic spray for textile and leather is a fluorine-modified silica sol gel. It is as well water based, contains no hazardous ingredients. Besides, the product “works” on fabric and leather that normally absorb moisture. But, if fabric or leather does not absorb water or has been previously treated with other water-repellent compounds, this spray  impregnation does not form a protective layer and will not “work” in this case.

Moreover, as the particles size is in a nano-dispersed range the protective layer is not visible and there is also no change in the appearance or texture of the material.

Features of this product are:

  1. As well, it is eco-friendly and non-dangerous.
  2. Suitable also for all types of fabrics and leather that absorb water well under normal conditions.
  3. Yet, the treated material is breathable.
  4. The product does not even change the appearance, color and texture of the material.
  5. Also, easy to apply by spraying or wetting (the surface must be completely and evenly wetted).
  6. In most cases protects not only from water, but also from dirt and grease.
  7. Protective last is up to 1 year.
  8. Product shelf life: 18 months from the production date (indicated on the package).

Areas Of Application:

  • Protection of shoes from fabric, velour, nubuck, suede.
  • Additionally, protection of upholstered furniture, carpets, home textiles.
  • Processing of sun umbrellas, awnings, etc.
  • Also, protection of marching, hunting, fishing garments.
  • And even treatment of handling bags, backpacks.


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