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Abby Rose Ashton Drake Doll

SKU : ASH-D011


You’re sure to love cuddling her in her darling sweater, hat and booties. She also wears a tiny diaper underneath. So cute and lovable, she’s sure to warm your heart! Welcome her with open arms and order now!

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Abby Rose

In fact, Abby Rose may be very well be the tiniest, cutest thing you’ve ever held in her oversized sweater ensemble Grandma knit just for her. And also, she gives you the biggest smile of your life!

However, these amazingly lifelike silicone dolls are handcrafted of the exclusive TrueTouch® authentic silicone, which lends a sense of “giving” with each loving squeeze. Besides, these baby dolls that they craft by hands of soft, RealTouch® vinyl also capture the sweet details that are sure to melt hearts. From their adorable little faces to the tiny wrinkles in their fingers and toes. So, each precious bundle of joy would make a great addition to your doll collection, and are with the perfect size and weight to feel so lifelike when you cradle them in your arms.

Features of this doll are:

  • As well, created by award-winning doll artist Marissa May, this Abby Rose Baby Doll may very well be the tiniest, cutest thing you’ve ever held. As she gives you the biggest smile of your life and she’s available exclusively from Ashton-Drake.
  • Besides, from the wisps of hair on her little head and baby-soft RealTouch® vinyl skin with the soft scent of baby powder, to her teensy wrinkled feet. This So Truly Real® Marissa May baby doll is so close to real life and looks and feels like an actual newborn.
  • Also, completely poseable, you’re sure to love cuddling her close.
  • Moreover, arrives in a darling knit sweater, hat and booties.
  • Besides, premiere issue in the Sweet Miracles Of Life Baby Doll Collection.
  • Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Measures 18″ L; 45.7 cm L.


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