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Leather Cream

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Cream is designed for nano guard and restore leather. Nano particles penetrate into the leather and create inside coating recovered, UV protected, softened and improved strength of the natural and synthetic leather with long lasting effect.

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CleverCOAT Leather Cream

In fact, CleverCOAT Leather Cream, is particularly useful for protection over products made of natural and artificial leather. It is indeed appropriate for couches, gloves, clothes, shoes, accessories. However, It is also a water-fat emulsion with added clay nano-particles.  Yet, it does not contain heavy chemicals or ingredients, which might harm the leather products. In terms of consistency, the product looks like a cream. It is not even toxic, but perfectly ecologically clean.

Benefits of this product are:

  • As well, it makes the processed surfaces waterproof.
  • Additionally, it prevents stains and unwanted coloring of appearing.
  • Moreover, prevents the UV-rays from harming the leather surfaces.
  • However, the leather products obtain anti-static features.
  • And also, it nourishes the leather and it protects its natural color.

So, how to use CleverCOAT Leather Cream?

  1. As well, before the initial appliance, please clean very carefully the surfaces with warm water, without using chemical treatment agents preferably. Then, wait until the leather products are completely dry, or dry them out yourself.
  2. Next, shake the bottle well. Apply the product on a soft textile towel or a sponge. Yet, do not put too much of the cream, as this will not improve the final result.
  3. Evenly, using circular movements apply the cream onto the surface you chose.
  4.  Also, give it 20 minutes time, so the the leather can absorb and suck the cream.
  5. Besides, after the 20th minute, use a dry towel to remove the remaining amount left on top of the leather surface.
  6. Polish it with a clean and smooth surface of a textile towel.
  7. The product also polymerizes completely 12 hours after the appliance.


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