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Hair Removal Wax Strips


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Tanita hair removal wax strips for body :

Soft and elastic are perfect method for effective body hair removal. High-Tech gel formula facilitates removal of strong hair and the shortest ones along with its bulbs.

After the depilation your skin remains smooth and velvety to the touch even for a few weeks. regular waxing makes the hairs to grow back longer and the new ones are sparse and visibly thinner

Direction for use :

1: Before waxing clean and dry your skin.

2 : Warm up two joined strips in your hands firmly rubbing.

3: Peel the strips apart into two parts. Place a strip on your skin rubbing it for a few seconds.

4: Pull off the strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.

5 : Remove remained wax with Tanita olive.

Precaution :

1: In case of  sensitive skin before using wax stripes do a spot test in an inconspicuous area, According to use directions.

2: If none adverse reactions occur within 24 hours, You can continue waxing.

3: Wax traces remove with oil only

4: Do not perform waxing while your skin is irritated  , Deeply tanned.

5: Wounded or numerous moles, Single moles should be avoided.

6: After hair removal your skin  might become red skin.

7: Irritation usually resolves after a few  hours, depending on skin sensitivity

8: Store wax strips in a dry and cool place.

9: Keep away from children.


1:  long-lasting smoothness for up to 4 weeks.

About this item:

  • With aloe vera, honey or argan oil
  • For gentle, long-lasting hair removal without irritation
  • Contains 1 soothing cream 10 ml.

More info :

Age: 18+
Product Properties: depilation
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: mass-market
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland
Volume: 12 pcs.

Additional information

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