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Car Glass Water Repellent Solution

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Protective solution. Provides good optical purity and transparency of automotive glass. In all-weather situations. Improves visibility when driving, especially at night, and reduces eye fatigue.

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Car Glass Solution

In fact, Car Glass Solution ensures the cleanliness and transparency of the glass in all weather improving visibility when driving, and reduce eye fatigue. However, hydrophobic coatings prevent the adhesion of dirt, insects, oil film on car glass and accumulation of rain drops and snow.

So, how does this product work?

As well, Hydrophobic coatings of car glass are a composition of liquid polymers (oligomers) with nano-dispersed particles inside.  However, composition with polymer has high fluidity. It spreads easily over the surface, fills in irregularities. Also eliminates glass optical defects formed by micro-scratches, chips and other defects.

Besides, coatings for glass create a smooth surface without glare and streaks, which increases driving safety (for example, in the oncoming light of cars), allows also following the road without stress. And increases the driver’s reaction in an emergency.

In addition, formulations do not contain volatile components. The all amount of product that is applied to the surface forming of a hydrophobic coating on glass without evaporation.

However, you must remove the excess, otherwise it is not possible to obtain a durable protective layer on the glass. Yet, an increase in the consumption of a hydrophobic composition for glass not only does not lead to the desired result. But on the contrary — necessary apply additional efforts for removing the excess. In this case, the formed protective glass coating is of low quality and less durable.

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