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Chlorex White King


Disinfectant Chlorex White King  30 tablets (150g) is a disinfection product. It is used in personal, public and medical spaces. As a floor and surface disinfectant.

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Chlorex White King

In fact, Chlorex White King,  is a disinfection product useful in personal, public and medical spaces as a floor and surface disinfectant.  As well, they developed it to provide 99.99% fast effect against microorganisms in a very wide spectrum. Including also the specifically tested viruses, bacteria and fungus. In addition, it is effective on all types of floors and surfaces and also on objects made of various materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, plastic, glass, ceramic and wood. Moreover, you can also use it for the cleaning of sinks, counters, toilets. Bathrooms, kitchens and all other hard surfaces.

Additionally, you can even use it for the disinfection of dishwashers and washing machines,  in either regular or empty washing, alone or together with detergent. Ensures safe cleaning, hygiene and bleaching of white clothes. Also, easier to carry and store when compared to other comparable disinfection products.

So, provides an all-in-one cleaning and hygiene solution with a single product.

So, how to use Disinfectant Chlorex Tablets?

As well, it provides ease-of-use thanks to the water soluble tablet form. However, 1 tablet is dropped in 1 liter of water and activates even in cold water. Additionally, you can use it  safely for all working and living spaces such as houses, offices, workplaces, schools, hospitals and sports facilities. You can also apply it through spraying, immersing, mopping or rubbing. Eliminates malodor in regular use.

Besides, 1 tablet is enough for generating 1 liter of disinfectant solution with a very wide area of use.

Warnings Of Usage:

Ensures safety of children with the safety cap. However, 2 years of shelf life under suitable storage conditions.


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