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Damia Tiles Ceramics


Amazing floor tiles. Present in different colors and texture. Represent the tranquility of the water and the nature of wood grain. All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.

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Damia Tiles

In fact, Damia Tiles, are minimalist Tones, Gentle and Elegant. Besides, with Excellent matt and lapatto technology forged a delicate texture that is naturally, fresh. Available also in several colors: The combination of dark and light colors brings style to the space of black, white and grey. Moreover, the embellishment of grigio makes the space gentler and more elegant. So, Enjoy beautiful and elegant life.

Features of this tiles are:

  • Polishing– Flat reflective glossy surface with superior material clarity. Additionally, with a brilliant shine and light-capturing capabilities, so marble that they polish is the perfect accent for design projects seeking to wow viewers. As well, best for indoor countertops, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, accent walls and surrounds.
  • Honed – Flat reflective matte surface with some slip resistance. Also a versatile, matte finish requiring minimal maintenance. However, Honed marble will not show scratches or natural imperfections and is suitable for heavy-wearing areas. Best for indoor bathroom and shower floor tile, kitchen tiling and laundry flooring. Also suitable for outdoor use.

Note: Color, shade, surface texture, and size are characteristics of all natural stone products that will vary.  It is also non-toxic, no radiation, chemical resistant, extreme weather resistant.

All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.


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