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Vista Tile Series


Vista series uses natural wood lines with unique die fabrication. Integrate the modern style of cement brick, let each piece of Vista become a work of art with special design style  Can be used for offices, home and outdoors. All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.

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Vista Tile

In fact, Vista Tile can be useful internally on floors and walls and externally on feature walls or exterior cladding. However, these look absolutely stunning en masse. And also perfect for larger areas such as lounge through to kitchens, hallways and even bedrooms.

Moreover, it adopt the traditional technology of antique tiles with matt and lapatto. Besides, Like nature itself highest quality of art and highlight taste. It even makes the grinding feeling of tiles surface stronger

Moreover, Simple and natural texture is the return of wonderful life, that also gives space more tranquility and elegance.

Features of these tiles are:

  • Suitable and assessed for environmental and social responsibility across material health, material reuse. Also renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.
  • At the end of its useful life, we’ll reclaim and recycle EcoWorx® backed carpet to make more EcoWorx® carpet products at no cost to you.
  • Additionally, weighs 25% less and has superior tensile strength in comparison to traditional PVC backing. As well,  resulting in significant carbon reductions during transport and ensures industry leading durability.

All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.


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