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Grafite Tile Series


These distinctive tiles are suitable for offices and home decor. Present in different colors and patterns. Passing on human wisdom. Highlight fashion and art. All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.

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Grafite Tile Series

In fact, Grafite Tile Series, are dark, elegant marble characterized by strong white veins, very classic. As well, these have natural double colors and the beauty of simplicity. Besides, the fusion of grey and black inherits the wisdom of human architecture. However, the combination of deep and shallow founds the classics of the city, Simple and Elegant.

Additionally, usage of multiple technology of screen and mold to create excellent texture  and patterns that perfectly restore the beauty of cement in the last century. Besides. there is also 3D printing + screen multiple process. High fidelity restores the texture of European noble wood. Whether it’s the nature of monochrome unifying the world or the fashion of multi-color mixed, it greatly shows the noble texture of wood grain.

Not only the charm of logs but also the innovation of modern technology. The texture is clear natural, and more realistic and flawless.

All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.

Layout: for Grafite tile & mosaics use TCNA Handbook, for slabs use MIA DSDM.
Tech Note: Resin or mesh-backed stone field tile must be installed with epoxy mortar or a combination of suitable primer
and cement-based mortar. Consult your setting materials manufacturer for specific recommendations.


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