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Duno Sands Tile Series


These special tiles can decorate your space in office, home and outdoors. They are present in different colors and texture and can create the aura of heaven and earth in your place. All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.

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Different color systems to deduce the charm of color of bianco, ash grey, grigo, black and moca. Make the whole space colorful and satisfy the color kingdom in your heart. Heroic and splendid, deduce the charm of texture. The use of matt and lapatto technology makes the texture of tiles more intense. Sandstone texture in different producing areas shows Duno’s heroic mind. Always charming with either light or heavy furniture and highlight classics. Five different colors show different textures. The refreshing Bianco, Steady Black, Fashionable Ash Grey, Profound Grigio. Together with the warmth of moca, Duno’s excellent taste is deduced. All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.


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