Seastone Tiles

Seastone Tiles

In fact, Seastone Tiles, combines, without compromise. The natural appeal of stone with the excellent technical and functional performance of porcelain stoneware.‎ As well, they faithfully reproduce the inspiring material with extreme precision and detailing, for a ceramic project of strong aesthetic impact and of high technical value.‎

In addition, the size range offers rich and creative opportunities to personalize the space.‎ As well as the elegant square sizes, the series includes the rectangular 45×90 cm size typical of stone. And the Plank 22.‎5×90 cm, typical of wooden floors.‎

Moreover, the double surface finish, matt and with texture, ensures reliability and a continuous application in any destination of use.‎ Besides, the anti-slip textured finish is available in four sizes to broaden the installation potential.‎

There are also three gradually deepening colors of Sea Stone: Cappuccino, Grigio and Dark. Also, these natural and delicate cement texture makes vision comfortable. The simple and elegant tone shows the charm of fashionable and warm home.

All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.


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