Forest Tiles

Forest Tiles

In fact, Forest Tiles, is made with a different and recognizable color base to create a competitive advantage with competing materials for the main environmental certifications of buildings.

In addition, these tiles are a high quality product for wall coverings and flooring for both indoor and outdoor applications. And, as it includes in the PAR-KER lines, its finishes have a natural wood look in combination with a ceramic touch. Moreover, they also have an anti-slip version that can be useful in both outdoor and wet areas.  And  of course, since they’re actually made of high-calibre porcelain, they’re extremely sturdy and require practically zero maintenance

In addition, they are present in five Colors Blend Together, that indeed create a light-toned new era home for you. In addition, forest series can fully meet their requirements of colors. Wood texture is warm, moist and delicate. So, make space more tasteful with fine Texture and Pleasant Life. The delicate texture tells the pleasure of life. Simple lines construct different levels.

All prices are per square meter. A.A.A first grade quality.

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