Q Stone Tile

Q Stone Tile

In fact, Q Stone Tile features a modern-rustic design. As well, it complements minimalistic spaces and is suitable for use as a floor tile in both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, it exhibits slight variations in the color tone and it blends with most types of décor. However, its refined looks are aided by its robust manufacturing, which includes abrasion-resistant surface. This makes it perfect for use in a variety of applications, even in areas with dirt. They also most commonly apply to kitchen floors, entrances, halls and other areas of residential and commercial establishments.

Besides, it is suitable for wall and floor spaces in both the home and light commercial environment. Our adaptable Q Stone glazed tile range comes in many colors and finishes with multiple faces to suit any need and taste. Moreover, they are perfect for furnishing the rooms of apartments or private lofts, including not just lounges. Also dining-rooms and bedrooms but also bathrooms and kitchens. They are even ideal for furnishing public places such as restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, showrooms, shops or offices.

Q-Stone confers immense character, style and chic on the entire living-space; the dancing reflected light generated on each tile gives the interior a unique spaciousness, perfect for making the room appear larger.

Also, the matte finish is less prone to the visual effects of scratching. And well suitable to wet environments while tiles in a lappato finish. That will provide you with an exclusive look at an affordable price. The structured variant of the Q Stone range is anti-slip in both wet and dry conditions and perfectly suited to external areas.

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