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Vegan Depilation Shower Cream


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Tanita vegan body depilation shower :

-It’s a cream with sponge moisturized and smooth skin just from 3rd minutes.

-Quick ,easy and pleasant!

How to apply Tanita vegan body depilation shower :

One min before a shower , apply the cream evenly onto the dry and clean skin using the blue side of the sponge completely covering the hair.

-Taking a shower, for  the first 2 minutes try to avoid directing the water jet directly onto the cream. After 3 minutes , remove the cream from a small test area  white side of the sponge.

-If the hair comes off easily, remove the remaining cream with circular movements. If the hair is more stubborn, the cream on for additional 3 minutes.

-Do not exceed 8 minutes! rinse the skin thoroughly with water, dry and enjoy smooth and beautiful skin.

Caution :

-Use the product according to the precautions and directions for use.

-Check the reaction of your skin before each use.

-Use the product on a small area of the skin.

-Do not apply onto head (face , eye area, nose, ears, intimate areas or other parts of the body).

-Always wait 72 hours between successive depilation.

-keep out of reach of children.


-Moisturized and smooth skin already from the 3rd minute.

ingredients :

aqua , urea , cetearyl alcohol, potassium thioglycolate , calicium hydroxide , glyceryl , stearate , isopropyl mysrisate , butyrospermum parki  butter extract, kaolin , prunus amygdalus oil, camella sinensis leaf powder, glycren sojaoil , tocopherol , hydrogenated, vegetable oil , glycren, potassium hydroxide, soduim cetearyl , sulfate , acrylates copolymer, parfum

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