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Automatic No-Parking Car Barrier


Remote control automatic car parking space lock. It protects your parking space from unwanted cars. Also, this parking lock is suitable for all parking places and all kinds of cars.

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Automatic No-Parking Car Barrier

In fact, Automatic No-Parking Car Barrier, has an alarm sound for uncertified operation and any exterior force which may try to put the arm down. In addition, this car barrier is water proof, it works well even if it gets wet. It also has an anti-pressure feature since they made the case of 3mm steel and is very solid.

Features of this product are:

  • REMOTE CONTROL – Long distance remote control and hands free control. As well, adopt the load coil to increase the signal strength. It has also a stronger penetration. Yet, the effective distance is 15 meters.
  • 180° REAL ANTI-COLLISION – The support rocker arm can be reversed by 180° anti-collision and anti-pressure. You can also rotate back and forth to protect yourself from an external collision. Besides, the built-in sensor and detection system is very handy. However, when you apply an external force, it will continue to emit a harsh alarm sound.
  • RUBBER SEAL, DOUBLE WATERPROOF – With the thickest steel casing, the maximum load capacity is 500 kg when the parking lock is lifted. Besides, IP 67 rated to prevent dust or water.
  • AUTOMATIC ALARM SYSTEM -Fully waterproof with alarming apparatus, alarm sound for unauthorized operation or exterior force trying to put the arm down; Besides, anti-pilfering: mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Suitable for commercial or private use.  In addition, there is for sure a prevention for this Parking Barrier from misusing or occupying. And is a good assistant for parking blocking procedures in residential areas, shopping malls, hotels, offices and airports.
  1. In addition,  if the current is less than 4.5V there will be an alarm sound.
  2. Moreover, this barrier has the following dimension: 450×450×75mm.
  3. Also, its remote control distance is the following: 50 to 80 meters.
  4. Its current is: DC 6V, 0.8-0.85 A(working status) and battery life : 6 months approximately.
  5. However, its opening time is: 4 to 5 seconds. It has a rated voltage of : DC6V.
  6. Also, its max height is 410mm and min height 75 mm.
  7. The effective distance of this barrier is 15m. It can be held in the following temperature range: -30C – +70C. Its Weight is : 9Kg.

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